Glenfeliz Kids

What is Glenfeliz Kids?

Glenfeliz Kids is a tuition based learning enrichment program that offers various classes and educational support to Glenfeliz Elementary students from 2:35~6:00pm daily. The program has two major components: Glenfeliz Kids and Learning Enrichment Classes.


Glenfeliz Kids:

Glenfeliz Kids is a place where children do their homework. Our staff provide basic homework assistance. Please note that this is not a tutoring service. We will provide basic guidance, but if your child is having difficulty understanding concepts, please consult with your child’s teacher.

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In the ten minutes following dismissal from the regular school days, students will meet our staff at the lunch area and walk to Room12 or 13. At 2:55pm, students start working on their homework and receive a healthy snack. When the child finishes homework, he/ she is allowed to join in various activities, such as arts & crafts, educational games, and sports. Glenfeliz Kids closes at 6pm.

Learning Enrichment Classes:

The Learning Enrichment Classes are led by artists, athletes and other experts. Classes will offer children:

  • exposure to a variety of arts
  • a nurturing environment for diversity and individuality
  • rewarding experiences to gain higher self-esteem
  • social settings where collaborative learning is encouraged

Unlike various activities offered within Glenfeliz Kids, these enrichment classes are formally structured and more teaching is involved.

Fall 2017 Enrichment Classes



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