About Us


Our mission is to position Glenfeliz Blvd Elementary as a school of first choice in our local community by supporting academic excellence, creative arts, innovation in teaching and fostering a culture of achievement among the diverse student body.


Friends of Glenfeliz Elementary was founded in the spring of 2008 as an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to raise funds and garner community support for Glenfeliz Elementary School in Atwater Village.

We are committed to supporting Glenfeliz Elementary to achieve excellence by providing funds that will grow its academic and arts programs and continue to serve students as diverse as the population of Atwater Village.


  • We are a group of parents and neighbors who believe in Public Education.
  • We are families of children in Atwater Village who are optimistic, open and motivated to learn more about LAUSD, to explore the strength of Glenfeliz Elementary.
  • We believe full family and community participation is critical to strong public schools.
  • We believe that Atwater Village must have strong schools that serve all of our children in order to be a strong community.
  • We believe all children benefit from an education that is culturally, socio-economically, and racially diverse.
  • We believe families should have easy access to useful information about public schools from trusted sources, in order to make an informed decision about education for their children.


Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary School, which opened in 1926, is located on a quiet street, lined with Sycamore trees, in the heart of Atwater Village.

The school’s numerous mural of children, flowers, rainbows, and the school mascot – a bald eagle- are as inviting as they are telling of the school’s rich cultural history.

Glenfeliz Elementary’s diverse population of 300 students (K-6) consists of Latino, Caucasian, Filipino, African-American, and Asian. Almost all of the teachers are certified and about 50% of them have been teaching there for more than six years.


Beginning the 2016-2017 school year, our school has been designated as a School for Advanced Studies in Farm to Table/ Culinary Arts. It is the first of its kind in LAUSD!

The program co-exists beside our regular school program, and marries classroom learning with hands on experience in the real world learning environment of the school garden.

Farm to Table provides rich problem-solving opportunities as students experiment with biology, chemistry, measurements, calculations and creative expression. For more information, please visit school website at www.glenfeliz.com


For more information about the school or to schedule a tour, please contact the Administration office at 323-666-1431.