Family Reading Night 2012

Here are our students’ writings as well as links to some of the literature students read at our 2nd Annual Family Reading Night on Friday, June 1, 2012.

Writings by Students:

(in alphabetical order by first name)


By Alexis Kary Guzman, 6th Grade

Summer, when…

The sun shines over the kids in the pool,

When, swim suits are the only wardrobe style,

When, vacations of a life time happen,

When, boogie boarding is better than skate boarding,

When, the only kind of food is junk food,

When, it’s 3:00pm and your still asleep,

When, all kids are lazy because there is NO SCHOOL!

I LOVE summer because it is summer (:

Imagining  Dr. Seuss

By Alyssa Paz, 3rd Grade

When I was playing outside I saw Dr. Seuss, and he tickled me during recess.  When I was doing KAP with Mr. G. he was running with me.  When I was going home Dr. Seuss gave me a handshake.  When I was playing basketball Dr. Seuss and other characters came along.

The next day when I was going back to school Dr. Seuss followed me in his car.  Then when I was at home he scared my cat!  When my family was going to dinner at Denny’s I saw Dr. Seuss sitting with Mrs. Seuss.  Next I saw them walking to Von’s.

Dr. and Mrs. Seuss live next door to me, and their car is just like my car.  Dr. Seuss’ car is a Chevy Cruze and my dad’s car is a Chevy Cruze.  One day they took me to school.  Dr. Seuss and Mrs. Seuss were so much fun that I gave them a big hug, and I said that I wanted them to be my mom and dad.  But I am just kidding because my mom and dad are fun too!

Amir, the Carrot

By Amir Malik

Once upon a time there was a carrot who lived in the Glenfeliz garden, and he grew until he was one foot tall!  His name was Amir, and he loved being a carrot because he loved to play underground soccer.  He was the best at underground soccer.  Amir taught his little brother carrots, James, Jones, and EJ.  They made fun of him because he was the only one without a “J” in his name, but he still taught them soccer.

One day, suddenly a human picked Amir and threatened to eat him, but Amir was dodging the vicious teeth.  Then Amir head-butted the human’s tooth and it broke.  Amir escaped.

The next day Amir went to school with his mom, Jessica.  He met his friend Diego, the cabbage.  They talked about traveling together.  Next they ran into a green pea, but they did not know that Pea was EVIL.  The vegetables kept on going and finally made it to room 28.  Next they had to open the classroom door, but they were too short to touch the doorknob.  So Amir said, “Diego, give me a boost,” but right at that second, dear reader, there was a sad part.  The EVIL Pea kidnapped Amir’s mother!

To find out what happened next you’ll have to read the rest of this adventure!

Alliteration Tongue Twisters

By Claudette Weiland, 3rd Grade

Tim Timmy Tim tickled his tiny ticklish tummy.

Carlie, Carla, Claudette, and Carlo all ate crunchy, crispy, creamy, canned carrots.

Mary married Marvin on Monday in the morning.

Lily LoLo loved to lick lollipops lusciously.

Carrot’s Greatest Adventure

By Diego Maldonado, 3rd Grade

One day in Foodville, Carrot and his friends were walking to pick up call of the baby blueberries from blueberry daycare. Carrot said, “Let’s have a race to see who’s the fastest.” Mushroom said, “I’m going to win because I’m the fastest out of all of you guys.” But Tomato was planning a way to make it first to blueberry daycare. When the race was starting, Tomato took a headstart. But while he was running, he tripped on a old bumpy box. Carrot said, “It’s not a box, it’s a transportation box.” Everyone went inside to transport themselves to the blueberry daycare. But instead of transporting to the daycare, they transported to the Jurassic period! Tomato started freaking out because a big red triceratops was trying to devour him. Carrot and Kiwi were launching a lot of rocks at the triceratops. Kiwi even found an egg. They launched it, and it hit the triceratops’ frill! It grew mad, but just then the T-Rex appeared, and while they were  fighting, they ran off. Then they transported again and they finally made it to blueberry daycare.

So Carrot and his friends dropped off the baby blueberries. Since Mushroom was looking in the attic he found 3 books written by 3 different authors. Mushroom found a map to the Mysterious Island. Mushroom and his friends went to a helicopter and Kiwi met a girl that was a peach. Kiwi followed the girl and talked to her too. When they were halfway to the island 2 dangerous things happened. A THUNDERSTORM AND 5 HURRICANES! Mushroom said, “The only way to the island is to go IN the HURRICANE!” Everybody said, “Are you crazy?” But 1 of the lightning bolts broke the helicopter’s tail and they fell into the hurricane. The hurricane blew them to the island. Carrot tried to wake up Mushroom. Mushroom woke up. They found themselves on the beach of the Mysterious Island.

What do you think happened next?  The rest of the chapters reveal the answer.


By Eric Hernandez, 6th Grade

Some people say they don’t have imagination that only people with talent do.

Well, guess what? Imagination is in every single one of us.

Imagination is when nothing is wrong.

Imagination is when you control everything.

When you just think, and anything is possible.

Whether you sing about it, write about it, or just keep it in your mind for yourself to enjoy.

Imagination is great.

Use it when you need a break, when you’re creating a story, or when you just want to be happy.

Everyone has it.

Find it.

Use it.

Live it.

Hard Shell Taco

By Ezekiel Varela, 3rd Grade


At lunch time I was walking to Del Taco with my dad to get a classic hard shell taco for myself. Once I got my taco, we walked back home. When I unwrapped my taco, suddenly something said, “Psh… I’m here.”

“Who are you! Where are you?” I said with fear.

“Hey, kid, down here,” said the unknown voice.

I said, “Oh, you’re just a talking taco. What, you’re a talking taco! Oh, now I’m really scared!! Now I’m freaking out!!!”

So I really wanted to eat the taco, so he would be quiet, but he didn’t let me. The taco said, “Don’t eat me or else my shell will break into pieces.”

I said, “But I’m hungry. It’s been about 30 minutes since I got you.”

“But I’ll die,” said the hard shell taco.

“I’m ready to eat you,” I said hungrily.

“Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch!”

The End


By Hana Nguyen, 3rd Grade

Birds soar in bright skies,

Diving like missiles in air,

Leaving tracks of clouds.

Spring’s Here

By Hana Nguyen, 3rd Grade

Spring is here today,

In March, April, and May.

Colorful petals bloom.

It’s the Blue Whale

By Ian Ho, 1st Grade

Did you know the biggest animal is the blue whale?

The blue whale eats little fish in groups.

They can weight up to 215 tons! They could be 105 feet long!

Wow, they are pretty big!!”


By Isabella Ramirez, 2nd Grade

I like to sing,

I do it in the shower,

It pleases me with joy,

I do it on the mountains,

I do it for fun.

But I do not compete,

So I like to sing about everything

That I see or hear.

I hope you like my poem.

And if I win, I will thank you so much!

Alliteration Tongue Twisters

By Jocelyn Sanchez, 3rd Grade

Stacey bought Starbucks on Saturday.

Diego bought a big donut at the donut shop.

Patricia bought a pretty puppy at the pet shop.

Marina met a monkey at the museum.

The Fisherman and the Carrot

By Jocelyn Sanchez, 3rd Grade

Once upon a time, there was a carrot. The carrot’s name was Roy and Roy was 5 inches tall. Also Roy was a fisherman. He was fishing and listening to music. He was listening to Thriller. The fisherman caught a carrot on his fishing pole. The carrot ran away by swinging on the fishing pole. Next the carrot ate the fisherman. After that the carrot got full so he fell asleep. Then go up and felt sick. Next, the carrot went to the Doctor and made a promise to never eat a fisherman again.

El Tacito

By Joseph Vides, 3rd Grade


On Spring break I went to Jack in the Box for a taco.  The taco was as juicy as a lemon.  The taco talked to me and said, “Don’t you eat me!”

“Why not?” I said.

The taco stated, “I’m too good to be eaten.”

“Not really, you’re too soggy,” I replied.

“Nobody says bad comments about me,” exclaimed the taco.

Then I ate the taco!  Next I heard a voice.  “Get me out of here!” the taco said, “if you don’t get me out of her I will break out by myself.”

Joseph responded, “How? There is too much in my stomach.”

Taco said, “Not even, you lost weight.  You look as skinny as a ruler.”

“This one time I will get you out.  I just need to get sick,” I answered.  Then I got sick and taco got out!

Taco started boasting to everybody, “Ha! Ha! I got out!”

Alliteration Tongue Twisters

By Marina Martinez, 3rd Grade

Marina met a monkey eating McDonalds.

Andrew ate an avocado.

Carlo ate a piece of chocolate cake.

Finn caught a fish with a fishing hook.

My Bike

By Ovadys Garcia, 2nd Grade

I have a bike.

I will try to ride.

Oh no!

I fell down.

I will try again.

Now I got it.

I had fun on my bike.

My Carrot Story

By Paola Garcia, 3rd Grade

One day there was a carrot that was in a fruit basket in the kitchen. Then a little girl wanted the carrot, and she began playing with the carrot. Next, when her mom and dad came, they told her to stop playing with the carrot, and she didn’t listen. After that the carrot slipped out of the little girl’s hands. Finally, the carrot fell into ta volcano!

Then when one day passed the volcano started to erupt, and the carrot escaped before the volcano erupted. When he escaped he was burned and crispy. He tasted good when the dog ate his bottom. When the little girl saw the carrot, he had a small piece missing from his bottom. The little girl put some tissue paper to cover the bite marks from the dog. The little girl was so happy to see the carrot again! The little girl was going to be in big trouble if she did not find the carrot. She did find it, and the whole family lived happily ever after. The End

Butterflies Are Around Me

By Sofia Corrales, 3rd Grade

Butterflies have colorful wings.

They have patterns too.

Various patterns.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Sofia Corrales, 3rd Grade

I am going to read the introduction and conclusion to my biography report on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Introduction: For my biography research I chose Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was a famous minister who helped black people’s lives improve by changing unequal laws to equal laws.  Martin Luther King was a pastor’s son who was not happy with how life was, and he wanted to change life to how he imagined it could be…that a person would be judged not by the color of his or her skin but on their character.

Martin Luther King, Jr. used the power of love and knowledge to motivate people towards changing their lives and the law.  Love to overcome Hate. He had a Dream of how life could be, and he shared his Dream with the world.

Conclusion: Martin Luther King, Jr. was a human being born black.  He was treated differently because of the color of his skin.  He knew that was not right.  He questioned the laws, and he dreamed of a different world for his children and all black people.  He committed himself to this Dream until the end, and laws that were unequal got changed.  He used civil disobedience, nonviolence, and love to change the hearts and minds of people.  Martin used his words not his fists to overcome hate.  He made his Dream a reality for all people.

My Family

By Sofia Trejo, 2nd Grade

I love my family, and they love me. We like pickles. We like many things. We like to watch movies. My mom is nice and my Dad and brother are silly.

I love my family. My grandma moved in after her surgery. About my dad, he is funny because he laughs a lot. My Dad was born with the Hispanics. My mom was born in Ukraine.

My brother speaks a little bit of Spanish. My Mom speaks all Ukranian. My Dad speaks Spanish. I speak a little bit of Spanish and a little bit of Ukranian.

Readings by Students:

“No Roses for Harry” by Gene Zion, read by Kelli Bayona (3rd grade)

“Twistable, Turnable Man” by Shel Silverstein read by Hana Nguyen (3rd grade)

“Tiger, Tiger” by Sharon Creech (from novel “Love That Dog”) read by Bianca Barcena (3rd grade)

“It’s Okay to Be Different” by Todd Parr, read by Isabella Ramirez (2nd grade)

“The Dream Keeper”, by Langston Hughes, read by Patricia Martinez (3rd grade)

“Breadwinner”, by Deborah Ellis, read by Eddie Nandez (6th grade)

“The Lion and the Mouse” from Aesop’s Fables, read by Melissa Sanchez (1st grade)

“Sick” by Shel Silverstein, read by Lucia Kornzweig (2nd grade)

“Hubble” by Giles Sparrow, read by Finn Dore (3rd grade)

“Adventures of Isabel”, by Ogden Nash, read by Claudette Weiland (3rd grade)

“The Secret World of Whales” by Charles Siebert, read by Sofia Trejo (2nd grade)

“Peanut Butter Sandwich” by Shel Silverstein, read by Talia Kornzweig (1st grade)

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